Указом Президиума Верховного совета СССР от 28 декабря 1977 г. НПО ЦКТИ им. И.И. Ползунова было награждено орденом  Октябрьской Революции.
Design and supplies of power equipment
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Heavy scientific and technical potential, strong relations with power plant engineering and fuel and power companies, academic and field scientific institution, activity in technical committees and other establishments of  standardization national regulation, certification and industrial safety, stable international link – all this provide the Association with ability of integrated solution of complicated issues when developing power engineering equipment for heat, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants for industrial and utility power engineering as well as power engineering sites for metallurgical, chemical, upstream and midstream, gas, pulp and paper and other industrial branches:

  • Boilers and steam generators (power engineering, industrial, waste heat recovery and utility-type boilers operating at liquid, gas and solid fuel, household and industrial waste); furnaces and their combustors, fuel treatment equipment and boilers support structures
  • Steam turbines for heat power and nuclear power plants
  • Hydraulic turbines including those designed for mini-hydroelectric power plants
  • Gas turbines, compressors and pumps, combined cycle power plants
  • Heat exchanging equipment for heat power and nuclear power plants as well as for heat supply and hot water supply systems
  • Nuclear power plants equipment including containers for transportation and storage of spent fuel
  • Boiler and turbine accessory equipment (circuit equipment, hydroturbopumps, fitting (valves, chokes), equipment of ACS, pressurized vessels)
  • Silencing systems including silencing designs of combined cycle and gas turbine units; silencers for atmospheric vapor and high pressure exhaust; silencers for all industrial and utility units
  • Automated systems of water treatment and water chemistry control of boiler and other industrial equipment, water treatment devices
  • Automated systems for monitoring of erosive wear of the upper stages turbine blades
  • Automated systems for measurement of structural and-kinematic properties of flows in the flow section of development and production steam turbines
  • Steam and hot water pipelines (network and process pipelines including those for gas, chemical and petrochemical industry)
  • Resistance strain gauges, thermocouples, automatic devices and systems
  • Power and waste treating equipment
  • Other power engineering equipment.