Указом Президиума Верховного совета СССР от 28 декабря 1977 г. НПО ЦКТИ им. И.И. Ползунова было награждено орденом  Октябрьской Революции.
Direction of activity
Main / Direction of activity
  • research, development, manufacturing, commissioning and assimilation of power  equipment
  • research of operating processes, strength and lifetime of power  equipment
  • development and manufacturing design of power engineering plants
  • technical updating, renovation, upgrading, examination and field repair of equipment (including transfer of boilers to nondesign fuels as well as to fluidized bed combusting technique)
  • manufacturing (hot water and steam boilers, small sized steam turbine units and hydroelectric plants, pumps, burners, oil atomizers, heat exchanging equipment, strain gauges, thermocouples)
  • forecasting of defects, inspection and extension of lifetime of materials and equipment with the use of non-destructive testing, acoustic emission, vibration monitoring, etc.
  • calculation of strength and lifetime of boilers, piping systems, pressure vessels, turbines, heat exchangers and other types of equipment
  • examination and testing of structure and performance of metals of the equipment
  • technical troubleshooting of condition of operating equipment (including troubleshooting of modes, vibrations, operation economic feasibility, troubleshooting of state of the flowpaths of individual cylinders of the turbines, of “turbine-baseplate-foundation” system, end seals and etc)
  • development of new renovation techniques and techniques for repair of the power  equipment including those with the use of welding, development of protective coatings, etc.
  • performance of expertise including those of design documents taking into consideration technical and economical, environmental aspects and industrial safety requirements
  • performance of all types of testing (bench and field) of power plant engineering products, preparation and performance of certification of products, quality systems and production.
  • рerformance of works for creation of scientific and technical base
  • development of standards, norms and regulations of design, manufacturing, storage and operation of power  equipment
  • storage and updating of specific collection of normative for standardization (The collection includes reference and search tools; industrial normative documentation indexes are issued for power plant engineering, as well as annotated indexes for normative support of R&D, design and other spheres of activities)
  • research concerning proprietary intellectual rights and patents
  • inspection and development of water chemistry for operation of power  equipment, techniques for corrosion protection
  • power supply
  • editorial, publishing and printing activities
  • transportation