Указом Президиума Верховного совета СССР от 28 декабря 1977 г. НПО ЦКТИ им. И.И. Ползунова было награждено орденом  Октябрьской Революции.
Foreign Relations
Main / Foreign Relations

Public JSC NPO CKTI has a longstanding economic relations with companies and firms from USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, China, South Korea.

Business connections have been also established with Baltic states and CIS.

Engineering Activity within International Cooperation:

       Investigation and recommendations on extension of safety operational life for thermal power plants (TPP) and

       on reconstruction and upgrading of TPP equipment;

       Rig test on pipeline components for nuclear power plants (NPP);

       Creeping, creep rupture strength and crack-resistance test and investigation on test specimens and pipes under internal pressure;

       Elaboration of expert systems for engineering diagnostics, control and repair scheduling, TPP equipment life extension;

       Expertise on steam and water boilers, vessels, boiler plants of foreign supply to ascertain the terms of approval for their application on Russian territory;

       Expertise on foreign companies’ readiness for design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, repair, upgrading, NDT of boilers, vessels and pipelines subject to obtaining licenses according to Rostechnadzor’s requirements;

       Expertise on reconstruction and upgrading projects, on repair of boilers, vessels and pipelines for their compliance with the Rules of Rostechnadzor.

Public JSC NPO CKTI fulfill orders and participates in team-work engineering with such international organizations as ASME, ISO, ICE, CIMAC, EOQ, COST 522, Thermie Project, NATO (Science for Peace) and continues its collaboration with the following companies:

Ahlstrom Power Ltd., Switzerland; General Electric, USA; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., IHI, Japan; Siemens AG, BBS GmbH, Germany; EDF, France; JNPC, China; Entegro Ltd., Greece; Energico OY, Finland; Slovenské energetické strojárne a.s., Slovakia; Škoda Power a.s., Czechia; Brikel EAD, Energoremont-Varna Invest, Bulgaria; AS Narva Elektrijaamad, VKG Oil AS, Estonia; Latvenergo, (Daugavas HPP), Latvia; Kauno Energetikos Remontas, Litovskaya GRES (hydropower plant), Kruonisskay GAES (pumped-storage plant), Lithuania; Kudankulam AES (NPP), Sipat TES (TPP), Barch TES (TPP), India; Busher AES (NPP), Iran, AES Ust-Kamenogorskaya GES, Kazakhstan; as well as with leading companies of Ukraine, Belarus Republic, Moldova, Tajikistan, etc.