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Historical information
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CKTI was established in 1927, during the implementation of GOELRO plan (Soviet plan for national economic recovery and development). Academician A. F. Ioffe, Associate Members of the Academy of Sciences M. V. Kirpichyov and M. A. Chatelain, professor V. N. Schröter have initiated the creating of new R&D organisation – to provide the research and development (R&D) support for the native energymachinebuilding and energy generation industries. 

The name of the institute was altered several times at different stages of its development due to variable structure the boiler and turbine manufacturing industry: Heat Engineering Research Bureau (BYuTI), Leningrad Regional Heat Engineering Institute (LOTI), Boiler and Turbine Research and Development Institute (NIKTI), All-Union Heat and Hydropower Equipment Institute (VITGEO), and finally – since 1935– CKTI or Central Boiler and Turbine Institute (CKTI).

The main areas of business were defined as: creation of the heat exchange process modelling theory, development of automatic regulation theory and systems, circulation calculation methods, research of heat exchange processes inside boilers, combustion processes, high-velocity flows, research of cascades of turbine profiles, issues of  strength and lifetime of power equipment etc. 

Fundamental research and development executed in NPO CKTI, created prescriptive calculation methods and design methods have created a basis for the development of the native power plant engineering.

In 1947, the institute was awarded the name of wellknown Russian inventor of heat machine Ivan Ivanovich Polzunov.

In 1960, by the ruling of the Government, CKTI was assigned a role of the leading R&D organisation of energymacinebuilding industry.

In 1976, by the ruling of the Government, CKTI became a host to the Scientific And Development Association On Research And Design Of Power Equipment – NPO CKTI. This Association included Central Boiler and Turbine Institute, CKTI Pilot Factory, branches in Barnaul and Rostov.

In 1977, NPO CKTI was awarded the Order of the October Revolution in recognition of its R&D efforts aimed at creating new power equipment.

In 1994, the Association was privatised, its structure was reformed and its became the Open Joint-Stock Company NPO CKTI.

In April 2002, the enterprise was reorganized and became Open Joint-Stock Company I. I. Polzunov Scientific and Development Association on Research and Design of Power Equipment Power Equipment (NPO CKTI JSC).

NPO CKTI JSC is a leading scientific and engineering center in native power plant engineering. The enterprise is focused on the development and promotion of state-of-the-art technology and innovative products for nuclear, thermal and hydropower plants, industrial and domestic power engineering.