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Advanced Development Department
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Activities of the Department

  • Design of equipment for subsea hydrocarbon process systems.
  • Development of prospective technologies in various sectors of economy.
  • Testing of power equipment of various classes and purposes at universal test bed BVAI.441400.001.
  • Cooperation with FUCHINO Co Ltd. based on the Cooperation Agreement.

Works Performed

  • Research and development activities – design of SPS (subsea process system) equipment connection system.
  • Research and development activities – development of subsea landing head system and tools for installation and maintenance of its elements; manufacture and testing of development models.
  • Testing of pumping units, testing of steam turbines with power capacity up to 40 MW.
  • Testing of attachments to turbines with power capacity up to 12 MW.
  • Stress tests of turbines with power capacity up to 40 MW via hydrodynamometer by FUCHINO Co Ltd. Valving tests.
  • Reengineering of valves, runners of pumping units, other equipment. Hydraulic design of pipelines, systems, etc.
  • Consulting on test bed equipment selection.
  • Rough design of test beds using hydrodynamometers by FUCHINO Co Ltd.
  • Supply of hydrodynamometers by FUCHINO Co Ltd. to Russian customers; installation and commissioning on the equipment.

BVAI.441400.001 – test bed for testing of power equipment of various classes and purposes.

Test bed BVAI.441400.001 for conducting energy producing equipment of various classes and purposes is designed for scientific research, development and testing of energy-producing equipment and samples of industrial products in compliance with the requirements set in GOST, OST, NP, MU, specifications (TU), testing programs and methods (PM) for certain products, etc. Technical features of the test bed are displayed at the Table right down this page.

The test bed is suitable for testing the following equipment:

  • hydraulic dynamometers and hydraulic brakes with power capacity up to 12 MW;
  • steam turbines with effective power up to 40 MW and main steam flow rate of no more than 120 t/h;
  • heat exchangers with the power up to 60 MW; hydraulic equipment with water feed up to 9000 m3/h;
  • electric pumps with electric power up to 1.25 MW (voltage up to 0.6 kV);
  • electric pumps with electric power up to 3 MW (voltage up to 6 kV);
  • electric pumps with electric power up to 650 kW (voltage up to 0.4 kV);
  • valves with diameter up to DN 400 (operating medium flow rate through the device up to 5 m/s) for evaluating hydraulic and cavitation characteristics and confirming the service life;
  • water hammer protection equipment.

Test bed BVAI.441400.001

Technical Characteristics of the Test Bed

General information about the test bed.

 Test bed BVAI.441400.001

BVAI.441400.001 test bed includes:

  • power suppression system of BVAI.441542.001;
  • turbodrive of BVAI.620415.001;
  • steam pipeline system 166/14.003-TS;
  • condensate return system 166/14.003-TS;
  • test bed equipment cooling system BVAI.441421.001;
  • test bed power supply system 14-077-EOM1;
  • automated control system of BVAI.420336.001;
  • utility systems of BVAI.425500.001;
  • handling equipment of BVAI.481214.001.

There are design studies aimed at increasing the parameters of tested equipment.

Cooperation with FUCHINO Co Ltd.

CF-type hydrodynamometers

 Large-size hydrodynamometer CFSR-30.0

 Large-size hydrodynamometer CFSR-26.0

CFT-type hydrodynamometer

CFT 9.0 hydrodynamometer

 Monitor of the CFT-9.0 control system