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Boiler Plant Design, Adjustment and Research Department
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Main Activities of the Department:

  • Design of boiler units of various types and purposes, as well as their elements.
  • Design of technologies to increase steam production capacity of boiler plants.
  • Setup of boiler plants for lower steam conditions, extension of control range.
  • Research and adjustment of hydraulics in various types of boilers and separators of drum boilers.
  • Determination of causes of deposits in boiler pipes.
  • Chemical heat tests and commissioning of utility boilers, heat recovery boilers, industrial power boilers.
  • Thermal (including boilers with circulating fluidized beds), hydraulic, aerodynamic calculations; calculation of wall temperature.
  • Research of metal structures, design of new projects and boiler and chimney shell recovery projects.
  • Development of refractory brickwork, lining and heat insulation projects for boiler plants of various types and purposes and their elements, designer’s supervision of installation, inspection, certification or linings and heat insulation of various boilers, boiler equipment, vessels and pipelines.
  • Development and manufacturing of burner devices with various thermal powers, ignition safety devices, fuel nozzles, air valves, crushers, dust separators, screw feeders, fuel dozers and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Development of mathematical models for creation of calculation methods aimed at designing boilers with steam production capacity of 220–420 t/h with circulating fluidized beds on low grade coal – for replacement of obsolete boilers.
  • Creation of high-productivity crushing equipment and fuel conditioning systems for powerful power units with furnaces and gas generators with circulating fluidized beds, fluidized beds, and layer-type gas generators.
  • Optimization of solid fuel gasification technology based on oxygen-steam blast under pressure – as the most prospective technology for creation of powerful combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) with closed cycle coal gasification.
  • Design, adjustment of fuel gasifier.
  • Design, adjustment of pulverizing systems.
  • Design of gas supply systems.
  • Design, adjustment, blowdown on dust separator, dust concentrator, pulverized coal (single-cyclone and multiple-cyclone) collector models.
  • Transition of power facilities to combustion of various types of solid, liquid and gas fuels. Erection supervision of equipment and operational tests for power units.
  • Type and approval tests of burner devices with issue of burner certificate and declaration (certificate) of conformity to TR TS (Technical Regulation of Customs Union).
  • Bench tests of power equipment (burners, combustion chambers).
  • Burning tests of non-standard fuels.
  • Selection of alternative coals for burning on thermal power plants, considering the features of boiler equipment.

Main Activities of the Department