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Hydropower and Hydropower Equipment Department
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Main Activities of the Department

  • Creation of new flow paths of hydraulic turbines in compliance with the demands of the industry, including small and micro hydroelectric power units, as well as creation of new variable speed units.
  • Performance of cavitation tests of water turbine models at the reversible hydraulic unit test rig, NPO CKTI JSC.
  • Performance of vibration tests of water turbine models at the NPO CKTI JSC vibration test rig; test rig validation of the vibration research equipment.
  • Improvement of engineering level of hydroelectrical equipment of active hydroelectric plants, including increase of power and efficiency of operating equipment, extension of hydraulic turbine power and head range.
  • Industrial research of hydraulic turbines of operating hydroelectric plants with evaluation of state and improvement of reliability, including:

    • Performance of absolute energy tests of hydraulic turbines with evaluation of absolute efficiency factor of turbines and relative tests in order to obtain precise operation characteristics of operating hydraulic turbines.
    • Performance of vibration tests with detection and elimination of causes of vibration.
    • Detection and elimination of causes of crack formation in runners and units of hydraulic turbines; performance of turbine strength tests.
    • Cavitation research and development of measures aimed to decrease (eliminate) the cavitation erosion of hydraulic turbine flow path.
    • Performance of special full-scale research: study of pressure pulsation, transition processes, influence of equipment on dams and hydroelectric plant buildings, dynamic state of penstock, etc.
  • Evaluation of technical state of hydroelectric units with extension of service life and assessment of remaining service life of main units of water turbines.
  • Preparation of specifications for replacement and modernization of equipment that has completed its rated service life.
  • Hydraulic design of new and modernized turbines.
  • Development and supply of portable vibration measurement complexes for testing hydroelectric units.
  • Creation and introduction of stationary automated systems of monitoring and diagnostics of technical condition of hydroelectric units, including:

    • Development of technical requirements for stationery systems that take into consideration the equipment design.
    • Development of algorithms and software for the system of equipment diagnostics and detection and malfunctions at the early stages of their occurrence.
    • Supervision of the system commissioning.
    • Verification of the system and release of compliance report.
  • Development of standards, regulations, methods of creation, restoration, operation, extension of services life, and research of hydroelectric equipment.
  • Examples of equipment replacement justification projects

Altering of hydroelectric unit design for Kama Hydroelectric Power Plant

Altering of runner type of Ust-Khantai Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • An example of creation of new turbine flow path for a small hydroelectric power plant

Hydroelectric unit is manufactured for the hydroelectric power plant in Colombia (Mitu) Power – 600 kW, head – 2.5 m

1. Water turbine unit

2. Runner (D = 2.6 m)

3. Multiplier


5.Suction cone

6. Discharge ring

7. Butterfly valve

8. Feed diffuser

9. Lubrication and water cooling systems

  • Examples of creation of new hydraulic turbine flow paths for small hydroelectric power plants

Variable-speed hydroelectric unit for Mitu HPP (Colombia)

Pelton wheel

1.8 MW hydroelectric unit at Dzhradzor HPP (Armenia)

Hydroelectric unit of Mendre HPP. Power – 10.4 MW

  • Examples Of Industrial Test Of Hydraulic Turbines Of Operating Hydroelectric Power Plants

Absolute Energy Tests

Calibration of hydrometric propellers in the pool

Frame with hydrometric propellers

Installation of hydrometric propellers
in the penstock

  • Creation automated systems of monitoring and diagnostics of technical condition of hydroelectric units

Hydroelectric unit vibration monitoring system

Kruonis Pumped Storage Plant (Lithuania)

Test Rigs of the Department

For extension of operating range of radial-axial turbine and evaluation of optimal solution:

  • installation of stabilizing devises that break the “twist” below the runner;
  • air delivery to the pressure part of the turbine;
  • using variable speed.

The department uses the hydraulic test rig for reversible hydraulic units. The measurement precision of this test rig complies with the international standards.

Vibration parameters (natural frequencies) are evaluated at the vibration test rig.

Vibration test rig

Reversible hydraulic unit test rig