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Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing and Acoustic Emission Inspection
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Main Activities Of The Laboratory

  • Non-destructive testing by visual inspection control.
  • Non-destructive testing by ultrasonic method.
  • Non-destructive testing by liquid penetrant method.
  • Non-destructive testing by eddy current method.
  • Non-destructive testing by magnetic particle method.
  • Non-destructive testing by acoustic emission method.
  • Non-destructive testing by ultrasonic thickness measurement.
  • Non-destructive testing by hardness measurement.
  • Inspection of axial channel of turbine rotor by visual inspection, ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing.
  • Development of guidance and regulatory documents.
  • Diagnostics of facilities in test bed conditions and in operation.

Laboratory Test rigs

Acoustic emission diagnostics system SDAE-16

Ultrasonic flaw detector Sonatest D-10

Ultrasonic thickness gauge Sonatest T-GAGE IV MM

Hardness gauge

Ultrasonic flaw detector Sonatest D-10

Works Performed

Acoustic emission testing as a part of pneumatic testing of transportation airlock AKTsSh 622.

  • Monitoring of new generation space nuclear reactor model during long thermal cycle tests.
  • Development of method and project of regulatory and technical documentation for acoustic emission testing of welding of critical structures in shipbuilding.
  • Detection of flaws in boiler and pipeline equipment.
  • Detection of flaws in turbine equipment.
  • Diagnostics of Leningrad NPP equipment lock at the production stage.
  • Participation in development of two STO standards: STO RusHydro 02.03.93-2013 «Water turbines. Testing of metal of blades and runner chambers. Methodology guidelines» and STO RusHydro 02.03.107-2013 «Hydroelectric power plants. Non-destructive testing of fasteners of critical hydroelectric units. Methodological Guidelines».