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NPP Equipment Strength Laboratory
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Main activities

  • Development of strength calculation methods programs for equipment of nuclear power and research installations.
  • Development and improvement of RD on strength in nuclear power industry, considering the operating experience and modern design methods.
  • Strength calculations of heat machinery equipment for NPP under construction, including calculations for selecting the main dimensions and all stages of strength calculations.
  • Extension of service life of heat machinery equipment and pipelines of NPP power units that have exhausted their design service life.
  • Experimental justification of power-generating equipment strength. Evaluation of ductile and brittle failure resistance and low-cycle fatigue resistance of full-scale elements and models of power-producing equipment, as well as materials on natural thickness samples using large testing machines.
  • Experimental research of strength and service life on models and full-scale samples with in case of various damage mechanisms and industrial and operational defects.
  • Testing of full-scale elements of power equipment and pipelines, including the test monitoring (strain gauging, temperature profiling, vibration measurement).
  • Hydraulic tests of HP equipment and its elements, as well as pipelines and their elements.
  • Measurement of vibrations in safety-critical pipelines of NPP in all operating modes.


Skoda ZZ-8000 tensile testing machine

Max. Force – 8,000 ton;

Stroke – 200 mm;

Sample section area – 200,000 mm2;

Max. sample length – 3,000 mm;

Max. sample weight – 5 ton

MUP-100 tensile testing machine

Maximum force – 100 t

References and the largest customers

  • The laboratory has worked on extension of service life of main heat machinery equipment and pipelines that have exhausted their design service life (including the the equipment of reactor shop, turbine hall, chemical shop, support building) for the following nuclear plants:
    • Smolensk NPP (power units 1, 2);
    • Kursk NPP (power units 3, 4);
    • Leningrad NPP (power units 3, 4);
    • Beloyarsk NPP (power unit 3).
  • The laboratory has conducted strength calculations of main heat-exchanging equipment (LPH, HPH, deaerator, FAPD and control valves) for nuclear plants under construction:
    • Kudankulam NPP, power units 3, 4;
    • Leningrad NPP 2;
    • Novovoronezh NPP 2;
    • Beloyarsk NPP (BN-800);
    • Beloyarsk NPP, power units 1, 2.
  • The laboratory has designed the pipeline parts for prospective power unit BN-1200.
  • The equipment certificates of Leningrad NPP chemical shop have been restored.