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Quality management system
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JSC "NPO CKTI" is a leading scientific organization of power engineering and a significant engineering center with:

  • unique competencies in the field of development, supply, testing and fine-tuning of modern highly efficient types of energy equipment;
  • own experimental and production base;
  • a wide range of permits;
  • experience of long-term cooperation with leading domestic and foreign enterprises of the industry.

The main requirements for the quality of products (services) for JSC "NPO CKTI" are: providing the necessary technical and organizational conditions for the formation and maintenance of a stable level of product quality at all stages of the product life cycle, full satisfaction of the requests and requirements of product consumers, strict compliance with the requirements of quality assurance programs for a nuclear power plant or its units (POKAS).

Respect for the consumer, rights and dignity, constant attention to his requests and changing requirements, is the fundamental principle of the JSC "NPO CKTI"activity, confirmed by the vast experience of our work. The JSC "NPO CKTI" management and specialists traditionally maintain the closest ties with industry organizations, leading domestic and foreign power engineering enterprises, OGK and TGK.

TheJSC "NPO CKTI" quality policy is aimed at ensuring that products and services meet consumer expectations, focus on reliable and long-term relationships with the Customer, preservation and enhancement of the scientific and technical potential of the Company, including in terms of personnel.

The quality management System (QMS) has been functioning in the Company since 1999. Certified by the QMS since 2004. Compliance with the QMS of JSC "NPO CKTI" is confirmed by the certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 of the certification body Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS – UK Branch (UKAS accreditation) No. RU004360 dated 05.10.2022. Subject to the effective functioning of the QMS of JSC "NPO CKTI", certificates are valid until 30.09.2025.

Compliance of the QMS with the requirements of international standards ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, and, accordingly, with national standards GOST R ISO 14001-2016 and GOST R ISO 45001-2020 is confirmed by certificates of the Alfa Register Certification System dated April 1, 2021 valid until April 1, 2024.

In December 2022 the management of the Russian Register Certification Association, having reviewed the results of the first inspection of the JSC "NPO CKTI"quality management system in the Military Register System, decided to reissue the certificate of conformity in connection with the transition to a new version of the military standard GOST RV 0015-002-2020. Certificate No.BP 14.1.17246-2023 dated 06.02.2023 is valid until 10.02.2025.

The Company management constantly monitors the process of development and improvement of the QMS. An authorized representative of the QMS management directs and controls the work of the quality management service. In accordance with the current and future needs of the Company, organizes the formation and execution of the annual QMS development plan, approves plans for internal and inspection inspections, acts and reports on their results, takes a direct part in the Quality Days. Information about the QMS analysis by the management is brought to the QMS Commissioners in the departments within the framework of Quality Days, discussed at operational and working meetings in the departments regularly held by the Deputy General Directors in the areas of activity. The feedback from the departments with the quality management service is carried out through the QMS Commissioners in the departments.

In accordance with the scope of the QMS, the main and auxiliary processes affecting the quality of products and services are identified. The most significant indicators characterizing the functioning of key processes have been identified for all processes.
In 2018, developed were for the following processes:

  • "Conducting equipment tests"
  • "Production of thermal and electric energy"
  • "Management of processes, products and services supplied by external suppliers (Procurement Management)
  • "Organization management"
  • "Personnel management"
  • "Conducting an industrial safety examination"
  • "Design and development of power equipment"
  • "Production of non-standardized equipment"

In 2019, was developed a map of the "Metrological support" process.

Process management is regulated in the Quality Manual and is provided by:

  • optimization of the Company's organizational structure (for the distribution of responsibilities and responsibilities, evaluation of the function and role of each employee);
  • highlighting key processes in society;
  • process planning taking into account risks and opportunities;
  • analysis of the completeness and effectiveness of documented procedures (work instructions, techniques) for these processes;
  • updating the organization's standards and other regulatory documents that establish requirements for processes;
  • conducting internal audits by the quality management service, with the implementation of corrective actions when nonconformities are detected;
  • ensuring the conduct of inspection audits and audits of the second party;
  • ensuring that inspections are carried out in licensed areas by the relevant supervisory authorities.

The key process of the Company is the process of Designing and developing power equipment. It is with the increase in the volume and expansion of the nomenclature of R&D for the creation of new and improvement of existing power equipment that the prospects for the development of the Company are connected.

At the moment, one of the priority areas of the Company's activities is the provision of services related to the import substitution of "Western" power equipment, namely: inspection, assessment of technical condition, development of design documentation, reengineering, adaptation of equipment replacement with similar equipment from other manufacturers, coordination of replacement of materials with existing analogues.
Also, one of the priority areas of the Company's activity is the provision of engineering services: testing of equipment; examination of projects, technical condition, industrial safety; complex technical diagnostics.

The expansion of the sales market is carried out through the development and promotion of new technologies and innovative products in relation to thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants, industrial and municipal energy.

Improving the effectiveness of the QMS is achieved by:

  • Implementation of the Company's Quality Policy.
  • Achieving the quality goals planned for the current year.
  • Involvement of personnel in QMS improvement activities.
  • Conducting an assessment of the effectiveness of processes.
  • Analysis of implemented actions in relation to risks and opportunities.

In 2011 JSC "NPO CKTI" for the first time took part in the competition for the St. Petersburg Government Quality Award. According to the results of the submitted Report for the award by the experts of the FBU "Test-S.-Petersburg" an on-site survey was conducted and an Expert opinion was prepared indicating the strengths of the Company's activities in the field of quality and areas where improvements can be introduced. A serious approach to self-assessment and an analysis of the work with an Expert opinion allowed us to improve the results of the Company's activities.

In 2012 JSC "NPO CKTI" took part in this competition for the second time. The Quality Management Service prepared a Report of the participant of the competition, which is a self-assessment of the Company's activities on a variety of indicators covering almost all aspects of the organization's activities (leadership role of management, policy and strategy of the organization in the field of quality, personnel involvement, partnership and resources, process management, customer satisfaction, the impact of the organization on society, etc.).

In December the St. Petersburg Government Quality Award Ceremony was held, at which JSC "NPO CKTI" was awarded the Diploma of the Laureate of the St. Petersburg Government Quality Award 2012.