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Water Chemistry Sector
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Main Activities Of The Sector

  • Organization of steam turbine plant element protection (turbine plant flow path, high pressure heaters) in the area of phase transfer due to erosive and corrosive wear.
  • Chemical flushing of flow part in the turbine of power unit with supercritical pressure from water-insoluble deposits in process.
  • Increase of corrosion reliability for steam heat exchangers of Thermal Power Plant.
  • Optimisation of water chemistry for high pressure drum boilers. Resetting of boilers to the non-hydrazine water chemistry.
  • Refusal to use of high-toxic chemical reagent hydrazine-hydrate relating to the 1st hazard class – to comply with modern environmental safety standards.
  • As a result of implementation of water chemistry without hydrazine the following occurs: reduction of operating costs for production of steam and lowering of electric energy prime cost; increase of environmental safety for operation of equipment at thermal power plants.
  • Optimisation of water chemistry for power units with supercritical pressure.
  • Chemical heat tests of steam and heat water boilers, heat recovery boilers, deaeration and water treatment units with compilation of Parameter Tables, Water Chemistry Guidelines that comply with requirements set in RD 10-179-98 and RD 10-165-97 (Rostekhnadzor). Optimization of water chemistry. Similar operations for HP and SCP boilers in compliance with SO 153-34.20.301 (RD 34.20.301) and RD 153-34.1-37.313-00 (OAO RAO UES).
  • Technical audit of water chemistry. Analysis of damage causes in boiler, turbine and heat exchange equipment of all types operating at different water chemistry conditions and makeup water treatment methods.
    The results:
    • preparation of Reports on water chemistry condition; water chemistry effectiveness assessment;
    • development of recommendations on optimization of water chemistry, extension of service life of equipment, improvement of environmental characteristics;
    • development of recommendations on optimization of water chemistry in case of non-deaeration cycle arrangements, at which SCP power unit water undergoes oxygenated treatment;
    • development of recommendations on optimization of chemical monitoring of water chemistry.
  • Development of preservation, chemical purification technology for heat and power equipment considering its operating modes and water chemistry applied. Optimization of water chemistry in water cycle of cogeneration plants. The results:prevention of scale formation and corrosion of water cycle equipment. Optimization of water chemistry on steam/water path of CCGT, closed and open CCGT cooling circuits.

Works Completed

Branch of Nevinnomyssk Regional SDPP, Enel Russia – Introduction of boiler chemistry system

Examples of water chemistry monitoring devices

CCGT Cogeneration Plant “GSR TETs”, Kolpino, heat chemical tests of equipment at power unit No. 1