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Heat Exchange Equipment Department
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Effective and reliable heat exchanger for heat supply systems

  • Water-moderated heaters of PVMR type
  • Features of PVMR heaters:
    • floating small-size water chamber;
    • small heater footprint and volume;
    • removable matrix for annular space cleaning;
    • low dirt retention due to increased water flow velocities.


  • Steam-water heaters with built-in condensate cooler

    Improved matrix:
    • one-way transverse steam motion through a tube bundle;
    • separated cooling zone for steam-air mixture;
    • rigid frame and small size free spans of tubes.
    • availability of cooling zone for heating steam condensate allows eliminating the use of external condensate coolers.

    Schematic diagram of boiler room when system water heating unit is equipped with heaters with built-in condensate cooler and heater of PVMR type.


  • New vertical delivery water heaters of PSVK type

    Features of PSVK heaters:
    • a flanged split available in the lower part of the shell, which considerably facilitates the maintenance and repairs on the heaters in boiler plants;
    • the matrix design provides a higher thermal capacity of the heater at reduced dimensions of its shell;
    • the matrix features a high stiffness and anti-vibration reliability.


  • Liquid Fuel heaters

    Low capacity steam fuel oil heaters

    The heaters have capacity of 250–1600 kg/h, provide heating of M100 fuel oil at nominal flow rate to the temperature of 70 to 95 °C at the steam pressure of 10 kgf/cm2. The heaters are designed for fuel oil pressure of 25 kgf/cm2. PPM heaters have a built-in cooler of heating steam condensate.

    Water fuel oil heaters

    The heater provides heating of M100 fuel oil to the temperature of 60 to 95 °C; capacity is 500–2500 kg/h.

    Fuel oil heaters with finned tubes, replacing PMR heaters

    Heaters of PMRN type provide heating of M100 fuel oil to the temperature of 60 to 135 oC, have capacity of 6 to 400 t/h, higher thermal efficiency and lower hydraulic resistance in comparison with PMR heaters (production which is terminated), and practically match by mounting dimensions.