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Thermal deaerators sector

Thermal deaerators

JSC "NPO CKTI" has been working in the field of water thermal deaeration for more than eighty years. It has extensive experience in the creation and development of thermal deaerators of all the types and purposes. In addition, JSC "NPO CKTI" is a developer of regulatory and technical documents in the field of standardization and calculation of deaerators.

All the developments are based on the data acquired from many years of bench-scale and industry researches, operational experience in power plant circuits and aimed at creating the equipment that is competitive with foreign counterparts.

Up to date, thermal deaerators are the main, if not the only, means to combat the internal corrosion of heat and power equipment and pipelines in the power industry.

Thermal deaerators are designed to remove corrosive gases (oxygen and free carbon dioxide) from the feed water of steam generators and feed water makeup of the heat supply and hot water supply systems (at TPPs, SDPPs, NPPs and boiler houses of all the types), while heating it, as well as for creating a reserve of this water in the deaerator tank.

As a rule, a deaerator consists of a tank and one, two (or more) deaeration columns installed on it. A low-pressure water distribution device (jet atomizer) and jet-drop stages are used in deaeration columns of modern design. The deaerator tank provides an effective deaeration of water at the process final stage due to the use of an effective "submerged" bubbler device, a required water supply and reliable operation of the feed (makeup) pumps.

The steam or a deaerated water, which is “superheated” relatively to the saturation temperature at a pressure in them, is used as a heat carrier for the water deaeration and heating in the thermal deaerators.

Depending on the field of application, the thermal deaerators are subdivided by the value of the absolute working pressure in them into:

  • high pressure deaerators; ;
  • atmospheric pressure deaerators;
  • vacuum deaerators.

The main technical requirements to the deaerators are regulated by GOST 16860-88 “Thermal deaerators”, OST 108.301.02-81 “Thermal deaerators of the nuclear power plant. Basic parameters and general technical requirements”, as well as TU 3113-020-05762252-2003 “DA atmospheric pressure deaerators”.

JSC "NPO CKTI" performs the following types of works on all the types of deaerators:

  • development of the new and non-standard equipment (with regard to the facility conditions);
  • upgrading and reconstruction of the operating equipment, developer's consultations;
  • equipment manufacturing, including: deaerators, deaerator tanks, deaeration columns, flash steam coolers, safety devices, and etc;
  • deaerators service life extension after the expiration of the assigned service life or accident, in accordance with the current standards and technical documentation, including: conducting the technical diagnostics, industrial safety expertise, performing the strength analyses, developing the technical documentation for strengthening (repairing) the deaerators.

High pressure deaerators

High pressure deaerators are used to remove corrosive gases from the feed water of steam generators in turbine plant circuits of TPPs and NPPs with a capacity of up to 1200 MW. JSC "NPO CKTI" develops the design and technical documentation for the high pressure deaerators taking into account contemporary trends and technical requirements. According to the developments of JSC "NPO CKTI" , power engineering industry plants manufacture a wide range of high pressure deaerators with a capacity from 80 to 6700 tph, which are successfully operated at the facilities in the country and abroad.

Atmospheric pressure deaerators

Atmospheric pressure deaerators are widely used in the feed water preparation circuits for the steam boilers and makeup water of the heating supply and hot water supply systems at TPPs and boiler rooms.

Steam of the corresponding parameters or a “superheated” deaerated water with a temperature above 115°C is used as a heat carrier in the deaerators.

A water treatment circuit is used in the deaerators using low-pressure water distribution and jet-drop stages, as well as an effective “submerged” bubbler device. A high degree of removal of oxygen and carbon dioxide from water is guaranteed.

The main technical characteristics of a wide range of atmospheric pressure deaerators, developed and manufactured by JSC "NPO CKTI", with a capacity in the range from 1.0 to 800 tph are specified in TU 3113-020-05762252-2003 “DA atmospheric pressure deaerators”.

The deaerator package includes: deaeration column, deaerator tank, safety device, flash steam cooler, bypass level indicator of magnetic type. The package composition can be changed upon agreement.

Vacuum deaerators

Vacuum deaerators are used in the makeup water preparation systems of heat supply and hot water supply systems at TPPs and boiler rooms.
A new type of vacuum deaeration plants with a capacity from 1 to 300 tph for heat supply and hot water supply systems in boiler rooms with hot water boilers is under development and manufacturing.
The vacuum deaerator consists of a deaerator tank and a deaeration column installed on it.
Absolute operational pressure – (0.02÷0.03) MPa.
Water heating in the deaerator – (15÷25) °C.
The “superheated” deaerated water with a temperature above 100°C is used as a heat carrier in the deaerators.

The deaerator package includes the following:

  • deaeration column,
  • deaerator tank,
  • ejector,
  • ejector driving water tank,
  • flash steam cooler,
  • bypass level indicator of magnetic type.

The deaerators are placed inside the boiler room at a sufficient elevation mark, with regard to the facility conditions.