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Turbine Units Research Department
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Structural Composition of Department

Main Activities of the Department

  • Experimental and design researches of models for low pressure flow parts on test beds.
  • Heat measurement for equipment of power plants and their processing.
  • Designing of cooling systems for nozzle and rotor blades, rotors and stays of new turbines.
  • Design assessment of service life for elements of existing and modernized gas turbine plants.
  • Experimental research of hydraulics and thermal condition of cooled turbine blades on test beds.
  • Experimental research of thermohydraulic characteristics of main elements of fluidized bed and turbine in full-scale conditions. Designing, production and testing of gas turbine plant air boilers.
  • Research of exhaust lines of gas turbine plants and CCGT on test beds and in full-scale conditions.
  • Development of gas flow stabilization methods.
  • Design and production of exhaust line elements of gas turbine plant and CCGT.
  • Design and production of air inlet path elements of gas turbine plants including volutes. Assessment of gas turbine plant projects.
  • Development of technical solutions for combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) of various types.
  • Feasibility studies for CCGT construction.
  • Design of thermal circuits for CCGT.
  • Development of initial requirements for main thermal and mechanical equipment for CCGT.
  • Selection of main and auxiliary thermal and mechanical equipment of CCGT and gas turbine plants and design of non-standard equipment including heat-exchanging equipment and silencers.
  • Detailed thermal calculations with determination of energy and technical and economic indices of CCGT at design and off-design modes.
  • Evaluation of environmental characteristics (noise levels and heat emission) of thermal and mechanical equipment of CCGT.
  • Designing, production and installation of noise and heat insulation of thermal and mechanical equipment of full-scale CCGT.
  • Development of import substitution lines and programs related to CCGT and gas turbine plants.